For Restaurants

Edit / accept restaurant

Via this link: you can directly take over your restaurant and after activation (48 hours max) edit this profile. In the menu on the right, click on Restaurant, select your restaurant and click on edit. 

How can I delete my restaurant?

 To delete a restaurant, please use this link https:/ to take over your restaurant and after checking it you can delete it.

How can I add a restaurant?

After selecting a package, you can use this link to add a restaurant using the "New Company" button:

How can I update critical information of a restaurant?

If you have up to date information for a restaurant you can share it by clicking on the "Edit" button on the restaurant page. You'll see advanced options that allow you to mark a restaurant as closed or to point out other wrong information.

For Guests

How can I add menus?

You can easily add a menu by clicking Upload Picture on the page of each restaurant and then following the instructions. The image will be displayed in the upper left corner (below the map) after it has been unlocked.

I can not find my favorite restaurant - what can I do?

We make every effort to keep the list of restaurants on our website up to date. If a restaurant that you are looking for is not there, we would be pleased if you give the restaurant a short notice. We and the community will thank you!