Penne Arrabiata


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The Average price for Penne Arrabiata is :
16 AUD
13.5 CAD
24 CHF
Germany, France, Spain, Austria, Portugal
7.1 EUR
United Kingdom
Hong Kong
139.2 HKD
238.6 INR
5600 NGN
235 PHP
20 RON
United States
11.5 USD


Penne Arrabiata usually contains Hinterschinken und scharfen Peperoni in Tomatensauce and is cooked using the below mentioned ingredients. Of course its exact list of ingredients varies for each restaurant.

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Rioni Pizzería Napolitana

City : Cuernavaca , Boulevard benito Juarez Esquin... Nr. of Dishes : 66

Don Pollo - D.F.

City : Cuauhtémoc , Paseo de la Reforma 264 Col. J... Nr. of Dishes : 95

La Divina - Centro

City : Monterrey , Diego de Montemayor #507 sur C... Nr. of Dishes : 59

La Divina - Lindavista

City : Guadalupe , Miguel Aleman #4443 Col. Linda... Nr. of Dishes : 58

Debbie & Peponne - Santa Fe

City : Álvaro Obregón , Av. Javier Barros Sierra 540 S... Nr. of Dishes : 190

Matisse - Polanco

City : Miguel Hidalgo , Anatole France 115 Col. Polanc... Nr. of Dishes : 136

El Portal de Quena

City : Tepotzotlán , Mariano Galván Rivera 34 Col.... Nr. of Dishes : 37

Arlecchino Ristorante Pizzeria

City : Monterrey , Adolfo Prieto 2108, Col. Obrer... Nr. of Dishes : 129

Daikoku - Los Cabos

City : Cabo San Lucas , Blvd. Marina, interior de Plaz... Nr. of Dishes : 340

El Lingote

City : Monterrey , horno3, Interior Parque Fundid... Nr. of Dishes : 69


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