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Best Foods To Eat in London

Foods to eat in London are literally infinite. Have you ever visited a new place that you enjoyed immensely except you didn't like their food? That would be the ultimate deal breaker even for the most adventurous tourist. While the cuisine may not be the central reason to visit, it's definitely among the top considerations.

What Do People Look for When Going to a Restaurant?

How do people tell the difference between great and substandard restaurants? Is this restaurant good enough to attract and hook customers? These are some of the most fundamental questions every restaurant owner should have in their minds.

Restaurants and search statistics for May 2019

In this article we would like to introduce you to the most popular restaurants and search terms from our Foodlocator network.

What Are the Criteria of People to Go in or Pass a Restaurant?

It’s easy to think that finding the right restaurants is a cinch but those who have done it can speak up for the fact that a person needs to sleep on it. What makes people choose one restaurant and reject the other? Well, the experience you have in an eatery depends on the decisions that you make.

Most Predicted Food Trends of 2019

Every year various food industry experts dish out a list of food trends that will take off in the next year. The end of 2018 saw various reports from companies such as UberEats, Walmart, Delish, BBC Good Food, among a variety of others.